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Special and national characters not rendered

TV: Samsung UE46C7700, C-series 2010 model, 3D support
Plex app version: 1.0019 (HD1080 and Orca)
Server: Lenovo Thinkpad T410, Win 10,
Plex v.:
When showing title and synopsis (agent IMDB or the Movie Database) on TV, special and nationalt characters are not rendered but the ASCII code are shown on the TV.
For example:
"'" shown as '
"å" shown as å
"æ" shown as æ
"ø" shown as ø
On the server everything is ok.
Is there a way to fix it?

Best Answer


  • arneseniorarnesenior Posts: 3Members

    The ASCII codes were changed to the actual special characters when I posted.
    I try again with ASCIcode in quotation marks
    "'" shown as "'"
    "å" shown as "å"
    "æ" shown as "æ"
    "ø" shown as "ø"
    and again separated with underscore
    "'" shown as "&#3_9;"
    "å" shown as "&#2_2_9;"
    "æ" shown as "
    "ø" shown as "

  • arneseniorarnesenior Posts: 3Members

    Everything now works beautifully. Thanks a lot and go have a beer!
    I also liked the "SammyWidgets.exe", a fine methode for installing apps.

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