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THE most disappointing piece of hardware of my life!

zamanazamana Posts: 34Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
edited November 2017 in Roku

Dear Sirs,

I'm 49 years old and I came to the conclusion that I just bought one of the most disappointing items of my life: a Roku Ultra.

Before, a little bit of history:

1) In 2010 I bought my first Smart TV, and then discovered the wonderful world of Plex, and then I bought the PlexPass subscription (lifetime).

2) In 2013, I bought another Smart TV, still with the old "Smart HUB" system, where the Plex application was still available. It has stopped receiving updates for years, but that's fine. At least it worked.

3) Then, some months ago, I bought a Samsung Q7F, 55-inch, which no longer uses the Smart HUB system, but another one, where the Plex application, for more legal and political reasons than technical, is not available.

To continue using Plex I decided to put my Orange Pi (yes: Orange Pi, not Raspberry, but Orange Pi) to run the Plex, through Kodi, through OpenELEC. And it worked.

But then, driven by the desire to watch some movies in 4K beyond those offered by Netflix and Amazon, I decided to buy the Roku Ultra. And what a disappointment!

For some very silly reason, the Plex application on Roku can not put the subtitles in SRT files on the screen without requiring the server to do transcoding. And that's even for 720p movies! If even an Orange PI can play without transcoding, why would an equipment specialized in streaming, like a ROKU, would fail this way?

And that's not enough: not even Netflix, which works perfectly when running directly from my TV, works on Roku: you immediately notice a lack of synchronization between audio and video.

Since all the hardware in the middle of the way works, with the exception of Roku, I can only blame this equipment for the disappointment in my experience.

Does anyone think it's worth waiting for some software / firmware update that addresses these shortcomings, or should I sell that paper weight on eBay right now?




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