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2.009 Error opening Library

I've just installed the 2.009 on my F5500 and the title listing when accessing a Library broke.

When I open a library it selects the title in the middle (alphabetically) and the three loading dots keep appearing. If I press back, it asks me if I want to exit the app, even tho it should take me to the main menu.

I found that if I press D it shows me the server list. After selecting the server, the toggle view button starts to work and I can browse the library.

The problem is that I have to do this every single time, it does not remember the last view setting.

Also, the filter button doesn't do anything.

Is this a know issue, is there anyway to fix it? Reinstalling the app did not work.


Best Answer


  • LittleBroLittleBro Posts: 75Members ✭✭

    well, that was easy, thanks!

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