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Sync constantly fails / resets

DWarden1DWarden1 Posts: 1Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

I keep trying to synchronism media to my iphone as I currently have less than perfect internet access. I am remote from my server and so all synchronization is performed over the internet. I am noticing that more often than not the program will sync up to as high as 98%, however next time i go into plex to review and add further show episodes i find that the downloads are reset to 50%. I see that this has been a long standing problem, is there any chance it will get fixed in the near future?

Another issue is that if i add 6 episodes in order (i.e. S01E01, S01E02, etc) then they start synchronizing in that order, however after everything resets they appear to start downloading in a random order, very annoying as it almost always seems to do E01 last!!

I am using the latest OS and Synology NAS builds.

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