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3D playback (MVC frame-packed) not working anymore on 2.009

Da BozzDa Bozz Posts: 9Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass


first of all a big thank you @Orca, this app is fantastic!

But, I have a big problem with the new version. Before the update I could play my 3D movies (frame packed MVC m2ts files) without any problems with direct play. Now however, since I updated, most of the time (if not always) playback freezes after a few seconds and the app returns to the movie screen and shows me an error message. This error message seems to be random, because sometimes I get a network error, sometimes no connection to the content server could be established and sometimes it even just says "Status=0".

My hardware:

  • Synology DS916+ with PMS
  • Samsung HT-F5500 (2013) with Plex 2.009

Also, could you provide me a link to the last version before 2.009? If I can't fix this problem I want to downgrade because it's more or less breaking my home cinema if 3D is not working. :(

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