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Transcoding FLAC to MP3

betolamibetolami Posts: 2Members

Hi I'm using Plex on Android 8.0 on a Google Pixel XL 2. I'm trying to stream FLAC files on my pc but for some reason they are all being transcoded to mp3. I have set the audio option on Android app to original and still happens. I'm running the latest server version on windows and lasted app version on android. Any way to disable this transcoding?


  • betolamibetolami Posts: 2Members

    Bump any devs on here?

  • filippo333filippo333 Posts: 51Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    They don't want to acknowledge this as a problem for some reason. For me the music transcoding doesn't work at all; every time I steam music regardless of what the audio settings are set to, the entire file is always steamed to my phone.

    As you can imagine this is very very bad for those with a data cap...

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