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Why is casting to chromecast from android so slow?

mouse256mouse256 Posts: 42Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

I use plex a lot, always with a google chromecast.
If I start a movie from the web interface from a PC, it starts rather quickly. While if you start the same movie from an android phone, it takes a lot longer to start. Especially with the chromecast ultra the difference is huge.
I can't really understand why this would be so much slower. I don't think the phone has to do any actual rendering. It just needs to instruct the chromecast and PMS which movie to start.

Anybody has an idea about this?


  • spikemixturespikemixture Posts: 1,620Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    I have a chromecast that i cast to from my note8 . It is unreliable to say the least.
    The Tv and the router (hi end Asus) are in same room 20 feet apart with nothing between.
    But I do have 6 or 7 wifi smart objects on the same network.

    My fix - don't cast - connect with cable not wifi.

    Plex related : NAS Qnap TVS-1282, (Plex server & main storage) Synology 1817+ (backup Plex server & backup storage), 2x NUC (Skull i7 , i5), Drobo 5N and 2 Nvidia Shield Pros (backup Plex servers)(2017 and 2015)
    Client hardware used or using - Shield 2015 pro and 2017 pro, ATV4, Xbox 360 and one, Fire stick and TV, windows PMP, Raspberry PI, Roku Stick, 3 and 4 plus several Android Phones and Tablets.

    I give MY opinion from MY experience!

    So much importance is put on the processing power of your PMS box.
    I say equal or more should be put on correctly formatting and optimizing your media !

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