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Remote Library not visible on FireTV unit

IlusionSYSOP2IlusionSYSOP2 Posts: 2Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

Problem summary:
Fire TV at my friends house cannot see my Plex server.

My Setup:
-Windows 10 64bit, 64g RAM, 24t storage spaces drive array, static IP
-Plex server version
-Lifetime Plex Pass
-Router configured with port forward
-Server shows "Fully accessible outside your network"

My Friends setup:
-Amazon Fire TV HDMI Stick connected to HDMI port on 48" TV
-Laptop running Windows 7

1. Friend setup a plex account
2. I invited him to be a friend on my server
3. He received invite, activated it
4. Friend used his laptop at his house to login and verified he can see media from my server (music/movies)
5. Friend loaded Plex on his Amazon Fire TV
6. My server is not visible to him on the Fire TV

Strangely, his Amazon Fire TV stick did not prompt him for his Plex account and it only seems to allow him to search for a local Plex server on his LAN. Not sure how to troubleshoot from here as he lives pretty far away and I haven't got "eyes on" at his place so any hints on how I can help get his Fire TV up and running would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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