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Plex & Amazon Alexa (Echo) - can Plex allow the Echo to play music files, stored on a plex media pc


Quite confused right now - there's a sale in canada by telus for the Echo and Echo plus. So trying to figure something out. I saw the video commercial about plex app and the Echo (echo plus i believe) and the CEO was asking Alexa to play movies on the tv.

What i want to know, if i have mp3s on a specific PC or laptop that is running plex server (i have paid for it from the windows store), and the Echo is on the wireless network - same network as that PC, can the music on that PC be played through the Echo directly OR will it just give voice control, but the music files will play on the PC or laptop instead?

I'm hoping plex allows the music to play through the echo itself, and not just the PC.

Also, the plex server app i got, would that be enough or i need to buy another -- i dont see where it says stuff like Alexa support here on the version i have running on the PC.




  • TrinityMaTrinityMa Members Posts: 21 ✭✭
    edited November 2017

    Well i hear they have made it so it can play music on the echo speaker. I tell echo to play the music in my plex server and it plays on the pc player. But then i have the Pc audio plugged into my home stereo so its play all over the house. But now it seems to play the music on the echo speaker and not my pc player like it did before and haven't worked out how to change it back.

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