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When is the Plex skill coming to Canada?

docbillnetdocbillnet Posts: 74Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

As such Alexa has forgotten all of her skills. I finally found out that is because skills are different in each country, so even though alexa has a plex skill, it was loaded last week before Amazon introduce Canada as one of the countries it supports. When I do a search, I find the plex skill is not even available in Canada.

I can use a VPN connection to alexa.amazon.com and still see it. But I don't have a VPN enabled router, so Alexa will only use the Canada skills. Which means NONE of the 20 or so skills she had learned including plex.

The number one reason I purchased an echo is to control plex when I misplace the remote. Now that is not possible.

Please enable this skill for ALL countries, not just the US!

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  • docbillnetdocbillnet Posts: 74Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    I switched back to the US, and now the plex skill appears again. However, it can no longer connect to my roku players, just my servers. Or rather it says it connects to the player, but as soon as I try a command like open plex, it fails.

  • docbillnetdocbillnet Posts: 74Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    For now it isn't really an issue. Amazon's official launch date in Canada is December 5th. So I expect there will be a lot of changes Amazon will make between now and then. As such I reconfigured Alexa to use US amazon account...

    As you can probably tell by my other post, that didn't get me back into a working state, but I can't really say if the problem I'm seeing now is at all region or country related.

  • DeepsteveDeepsteve Posts: 2Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    Dec 5th has passed, and it's an issue now! :)

  • docbillnetdocbillnet Posts: 74Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    Yeah. I now have 5 Amazon echo dots and 1 Amazon echo. All of them are set to the US, because I found too many of the features are missing for Canada... The only really bad side about that means if I choice to subscribe to Amazon music or other services, I would have to do so from my US account and pay in USD each month/year. For now though I have just been using the free music services and plex.

    The plex skill continues to run into issues with needing to have the player added back again regularly. The harmony skills get confused when I use remote to turn things on. And then there is the Amazon bug, that if I drop in message it automatically connects to my receiver via bluetooth (even though I explicitly disconnected) disrupting whatever I'm watching on TV...

    Really the whole system is very buggy at this point, but it is fun to play with and trying to make it do new things. The most annoying bug has nothing to do with plex. Often if I make phone calls, or drop-in messages with the echo, then sometimes Alexa will stop listening for her keyword, and will not allow me to hang-up 20%.. Even if I press the button it will reconnect 30 seconds later in those cases. About the only reliable way to end a call is to reboot.

    Naturally the only thing I'm hoping the plex developers work on is the plex skill...

  • ceruleanskiesceruleanskies Posts: 5Members ✭✭

    Yes Please Make Support For Canada! My uncle is a quadriplegic, uses Alexa for everything, and since the xbox plex got ruined for voice control, An alexa Plex skill would be great!

  • ldoneill@golden.netldoneill@golden.net Posts: 1Members

    I just picked up an Echo as well and a google search suggested Plex for streaming to echo. Looking forward to Canada skill support.

  • walcanwalcan Posts: 4Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    Can you provide an estimated time frame of when you expect to be able to bring support to Canada? I would also really like to have access to this integration and am disappointed to see that it is not supported in Canada yet.

  • docbillnetdocbillnet Posts: 74Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    There is no point in being too impatient. The service is still very buggy. Earlier today I in my office I did:

    Computer, ask plex to play Jazz

    It needed a player running. So I started up a web browser open to plex. That used to work, but not anymore... So I told it to start my plasma in the bedroom.


    Computer, ask plex to play Jazz

    OK. Starting Episode xx of season yy of the Simpson, Lisa plays Jazz. Enjoy.

    I started hearing the episode audio through my echo dot...

    Computer, cancel.

    Computer, ask plex to play Jazz Music

    OK. Starting Episode ...

    Again the audio starts on the echo dot.

    I can understand it is trying to find anything with my keywords, but I'm very confused why it was playing the audio for TV episodes. That should have been going out the plasma, according to the player settings.

    It would be really nice to control if music played through the echo or the TV. But looks like now Alexa just wants to play all audio...

    Hmmm. Perhaps somehow the Roku communicates that the plasma was really turned off, since I just have the turn command set to wake-up the roku...

    An any case, a cool toy, but still lots of work before it becomes useful.

  • jmccullough81jmccullough81 Posts: 1Members

    Can you give a timeframe? Just add English(CA) to the skill for now. Everything sounds the same between the us and ca just spelling differences.

  • Tarius407Tarius407 Posts: 11Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    I don't wish to be a troll, but this seems to give a pretty solid walkthrough on how to add Support for English Canada. https://developer.amazon.com/blogs/alexa/post/c53176c7-2f4e-4598-935b-7e5d3b08b97e/how-to-update-your-skills-for-canada

  • distorto_666distorto_666 Posts: 3Members ✭✭

    @vanstinator said:
    We didn't remove the skill. The skill is removed because Alexa now has an official Canadian specific language model that all skills will need to add support for. We're hoping to have the skill available in Canada soon.

    @vanstinator Any ETA on this addition? I’m in the market to purchase and recommend Plex Premium once this is made available. We love you!

  • dannymaltdannymalt Posts: 1Validating, Plex Pass Plex Pass
    edited December 2017

    Every article about Alexa from American websites was recommending the Plex add-on. Was surprised and annoyed when I didn't see it in the Canadian Alexa section when I went looking for it. Please add support for Canada.

  • estranged2000estranged2000 Posts: 30Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    Normally Plex is on point when it comes to fixes, updates and changes... I've been loving this software for years since purchasing a lifetime pass...

    I don't understand why Plex is dragging their feet on enabling the English Canadian model for Alexa, it worked just fine when my dot was geo placed in the USA, so it's not like needing a whole new voice model for Canada. If you're punishing Anglo Canadians, so you can create French language profiles, how about releasing the English skill for now. Most Canadians speak English, and the ones speaking French CAN speak English but most choose not to on principle. So if you're waiting for the French language models, please release a beta skill for Anglo Canadians, The French can speak English if they really want the feature, if they choose not to, it's out of spite, so why wait. I set up Plex for 5 people already, and they bought their Echos, only to have the skill abandoned in the Canadian market. As much as I'd like to blame Amazon it's tough, as many other company's like Nanoleaf had their skill in the Canadian app within a week of Echo arriving in Canada. Amazon didn't drag their feet approving the skill.

    When will Plex release a statement for their Canadian customers as to when they will re enable a skill that wasn't broken?

    Cheers Team Plex.

  • Tarius407Tarius407 Posts: 11Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    @estranged2000 said:
    Most Canadians speak English, and the ones speaking French CAN speak English but most choose not to on principle. So if you're waiting for the French language models, please release a beta skill for Anglo Canadians, The French can speak English if they really want the feature

    As much as I want the Plex skill released in Canada (and I'm not advocating that the release be held up for a French translation) you're mistaken about all French Canadians speaking English Estranged2000. A sizeable portion do not.

  • BlueFrogBlueFrog Posts: 66Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    Well, seeing as the Echos aren't even sold to people in Quebec, the whole french-language issue isn't an issue, is it?

  • Tarius407Tarius407 Posts: 11Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    I'm an Anglophone who lives in Quebec, and I was able to buy several Echo's via Amazon.ca, as did a few Francophone friends. So, yes they can be bought in QC, though I doubt that's the hold up.

  • BlueFrogBlueFrog Posts: 66Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    I apologize, Tarius407, I thought I had read they couldn't be sold in Quebec. Not sure where I read that.

  • scrammy69scrammy69 Posts: 1Members

    I just use Flex TV. it works with Google Home and Alexa.

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