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CloudSync to Google Drive Not Uploading

jam3sejam3se Posts: 28Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

Within the last week I have been unable to sync any media to the cloud using CloudSync and Google Drive.

Has a Plex update killed this? I am not seeing anything meaningful in the logs.

The issue first was when I deleted media from the CloudSync (due to Google Drive being at full capacity), it never removed it from Google Drive (after 24+ hours), so I manually removed all the media from Google Drive, Unlinked Google drive and Linked it again. Now it won't upload anything.

I see this in the logs:

Nov 28, 2017 00:01:33.245 [0x80a991000] ERROR - CloudSync: Error 404 requesting XML from

Nov 28, 2017 00:01:33.350 [0x80a999c00] ERROR - LPE: unknown item 32522.
Nov 28, 2017 00:01:33.350 [0x80a999c00] ERROR - Sync: failed to generate query for path library://xxx/item/%2Flibrary%2Fmetadata%2F32522 in sync item 20358642
Nov 28, 2017 00:01:33.364 [0x80a999c00] ERROR - LPE: unknown item 32961.
Nov 28, 2017 00:01:33.364 [0x80a999c00] ERROR - Sync: failed to generate query for path library://xxx/item/%2Flibrary%2Fmetadata%2F32961 in sync item 20358945
Nov 28, 2017 00:01:33.364 [0x80a999c00] WARN - Sync: sync item 20358945 has an empty sync set query, assuming sync item is no longer valid



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