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Google Cast not working in Philips TV

redbmkredbmk Posts: 2Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

I have a Philips TV that I usually use to cast from Plex, but it hasn't been working for probably over a month now. I have the latest firmware updates for the phone and am running the latest version of Plex. I can cast to an external Chromecast device and to a Firestick, but the Google Cast built into the TV just keeps showing the Plex logo with the spinning loading icon. Eventually I get a message "Unable to connect to TV". Generally a few minutes after failing, when I've given up and gone to another source, Plex will try to connect again which tells my TV to go back to the Cast input, but Plex still fails to connect.

I've tried with a wireless network as well as with a wired connection, and the Plex server is on the same network as the TV.
I've tried unplugging the TV for a while and plugging it back in - same with the network. I haven't changed any hardware between when this used to work and now.
I've also tried connecting from my android phone as well as from the web app.

Device: Philips 6000 series Google Cast Ultra HDTV
Model number: 55PFL6921/F7
Description under "Connect to device" in Plex: Philips UHD 2016 CastTV
TV Firmware version: PHL-0G0IU_227_0
Cast software version: 1.21.75378


  • Rob_TonerRob_Toner Posts: 3Members ✭✭

    Same tv model and same problem. I saw another thread with the same problem for a Phillips tv with Chromecast built in.

    Plex should be able to patch this for users with this type of chromecast.

  • Pete1242Pete1242 Posts: 3Members ✭✭

    I have also experience the same issue. Any response from Plex?

  • shengjieren@gmail.comshengjieren@gmail.com Posts: 2Members

    I have also experience the same issue. Any response from Plex?

  • shengjieren@gmail.comshengjieren@gmail.com Posts: 2Members

    pls fix it

  • minion866minion866 Posts: 2Members

    Man i have this same issue. Everything else casts fine, just not plex. All phones, web browsers... trying to plex cast wont work. netflix, screensharing, youtube all work. This is def a plex issue

  • redbmkredbmk Posts: 2Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    Does anybody know how to get the attention of someone at Plex? I couldn't find any kind of feedback option in the android app, and they don't seem to be responding on here.

  • demoflashdemoflash Posts: 3Members

    I have this same exact issue with the same TV worked fine in October/November but now won't load past loading screen.

  • demoflashdemoflash Posts: 3Members

    Bumping to see if someone sees it and can help us.

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