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Version 2.0 and Game Support

AaronG85AaronG85 Posts: 73Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

With the upcoming release of 2.0 and "maybe" the ability for add-ons do you think something like GameBrowser/RetroArch may be supported or would we have to wait to Plex does this on a server side?


  • AaronG85AaronG85 Posts: 73Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    Is OpenPHT still being developed?

  • treboR2RoberttreboR2Robert Posts: 296Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    @AaronG85 said:
    Is OpenPHT still being developed?

    I for one certainly hope so. I used rasplex for years but have just got myself a 4k oled and atmos av receiver.

    The only single board computer i can find that will play 4k HDR is the Rock64.

    I heard a rumor somewhere that this SBC is what @kwiboo is making openPHT v2 work on.

    Almost at the stage of buying a nvidia sheild but would much much rather a rock64 running openPHT.

    Hopefully @Kwiboo can comment soon on if this is true and a rough idea when we can try it out if it is true.

    treboR2Robert    AKA    Mr. Grumpy

    PMS ( FreeNAS 9.10.2-U6 ) ( manual jail )    Plex for LG (OLED B7)     Rasplex ( Raspberry Pi 3 model B x2¦ ( Raspberry Pi 2 model B x2 )           

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