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Windows App FIX and much needed features!

RJM22RJM22 Members Posts: 35 ✭✭


I used to enjoy the Plex Windows App, up to about a year ago, which is when it stopped playing music altogether, and also continually buffered through movies (on a local server too).
However, it seems that now that I searched in the Windows 10 start menu to find the 'uninstall apps' tab, uninstalled the app, and then reinstalled the Plex Windows App via the Windows Store App, it seems my music is now working again (and it only took a year for it to click in :wink: )

A few features I would love to recommend, seeing that I also bought this app, are:

  • Under the Home tab, to have recommendations regarding various movies, tv and music much like what Netflix does, and more so added to the separate categories under discover also, and continually changing as well,
  • The actual ability to add a particular track to a playlist already on the playlist/or to make a new playlist at the same time,
  • Seeing that the new Plexamp now has a 'radio' playlist feature, which seems to playing some decent local music, I am hoping that the Windows App can also have this feature added?
  • The ability to favourite any track that is playing, which is then added to a Favourited section for easy access and to be played and synced on any device,
  • I can also see a difference in the quality of thumbnail graphics (and also playing content in general) from this app compared to say the browser based interface? Why is that?
  • The playlist tab & section of the app needs a complete revamp.. along with the sorting methods on the top right when browsing content..
  • The Windows App interface in general needs a rework.. it just looks old skool, and I have noticed there has not been any updates to this app for a while now. I am hoping it could look more like the browser interface (cleaner, crisper, clearer, faster, smoother, etc)..

Hoping to see great changes in the early new year!
Thanks :smile:

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