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[BUG] Plexignore tricked by russian characters

I've noticed a weird issue where I have a directory that I want to ignore, so I put in a .plexignore
But one movie still gets read in, and I've noticed that it has non-common characters in the folder name. So even though it's root directory is ignored, Plex still goes through the directory and somehow the russian character in the subdirectory name (in file name it doesn't produce the bug) causes the scanner to not match with the * in plexignore and read it anyway

Example character: л

To reproduce:
1. make A folder
2. make A/B subfolder
3. make A/B/.plexignore (add * or whatever in it
4. make A/B/лC folder with a video in it (notice russian character)
5. read folder A into a library
The video will appear in the library, even though all of B should be ignored

It's probably not just russian characters and may be some OS issue with the pattern matching used and ASCII/UTF problems

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