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Audio Passthrough on Nvidia Shield cracks when scrubbing forward/backward or pausing a movie

segheklseghekl Posts: 2Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

Dear all,

I'm using an Nvidia Shield, connected to a NAD receiver that is connected to a Samsung LCD TV.

I do not use the Plex server on the Nvidia Shield, instead, all my media is located on a QNAP NAS featuring an Intel i7/16GB of ram. I do not have any performance issues.

I prefer to use the audio passthrough feature to pass audio from the Plex Server without any conversion to the Nvidia Shield Plex client. I understand that I can configure the Nvidia Shield Plex client in such a way that he converts and this is possible as well without any audio loss (https://support.plex.tv/hc/en-us/articles/212072167-Audio-Configuration-Guide-Plex-Media-Player).

However, when I use the audio passthrough, the audio is perfect EXCEPT when I pause the movie, or fast forward or reverse. Most of the times I hear a crack in one of my loudspeakers (can be front or back or surround).

The issue is that the Nvidia Shield Plex Client does not have an audio sync playback delay setting like the KODI client has (https://github.com/koying/SPMC/wiki/Recommended-passthrough-audio-settings-for-SPMC,-NVIDIA-Shield-TV-and-AV-Receivers).

When I configure KODI and use the KODI Plex addon, the issue is solved. I can fastforward, revers, pause, without any cracks in my speakers.

QUESTION: Is there an option that I've overlooked to make sure that the Nvidia Shield Plex Client uses an audio sync playback delay setting like KODI whenever the audio passthrough setting is chosen ?

Thanks a lot for making a great product and helping me out.


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