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Every 30-40 minutes, plex playback pauses (Like it's buffering..)

ComplexMediaPlexComplexMediaPlex Posts: 6Validating, Plex Pass Plex Pass

This happens if I am playing a movie or tv show at 200kbps or 20Mb/s. I will watch for 30-40 minutes(sometimes more often, sometimes less) or so, then it will just pause, if I wait like 30 seconds it will start playing again, or if I seek to the same location I am currently at, it will start within seconds. It IS NOT A CONNECTION ISSUE. On my end, or the plex server end.

The only concurrency between all my tests were using a chromecast(because that's all I have). But I don't see why that would be an issue.

I also get this in the logs

WARN - [Chromecast] Player: Excessive buffering detected; network


  • ThronicThronic Posts: 81Members ✭✭

    Did you ever figure this out? I have the exact same problem.

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