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Registered for Plex Cloud, can't find my local server

MarkEWaiteMarkEWaite Posts: 3Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

I'm a new user of Plex on a FreeNAS Mini XL. I purchased the lifetime license and was presented with a screen that offered to first configure Plex Cloud, then Plex (something else, possibly server). I configured Plex Cloud to use my Google Drive and added my Google Photos folder. It shows empty boxes for the photos (instead of a thumbnail image), but I can use the download link in the bottom right corner menu and it will download the photo as expected.

Unfortunately, I haven't found a way to add my local Plex server, even though the URL I'm using (http://plex.markwaite.net:32400/web/index.html) is the URL of my local server.

I installed Plex server using the FreeNAS PlexMediaServer plugin. I created a /plex-media/ folder and assigned ownership nobody:nogroup to it and all its subdirectories. I've confirmed that I can copy media to those subdirectories, including /plex-media/Media/Movies and /plex-media/Media/Photos.

Unfortunately, I can't see any way to add the locations in the /plex-media/ directories so that they will appear in the Movies or Photos.

When I look at the "Servers" page, it only shows "Plex Cloud".

Can you guide me to documentation or other information that will help me correct whatever mistake I made that has made my local Plex server unable to find media on that server?

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  • MarkEWaiteMarkEWaite Posts: 3Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
    edited January 1

    I'm not sure if it was a "wait long enough and it will work", or if something else changed, but when I clicked the "Plugins -> PlexMediaServer" link on the FreeNAS interface and then the "here" link in the popup that appeared, I was able to configure my Plex server.

    I'm now the very satisfied owner of a Plex Media Server that includes several movies that I've uploaded, several music files, and many photos. I've confirmed that I can see the Plex served Videos and Photos from my Vizio TV, and can see them from my Android phone, and see the Videos, Music, and Photos from my desktop computer.

    I've also confirmed that the smart tagging is working on my photos. That's a very nice feature. I wanted to tag all the photos of our dog, and Plex had already most of the work by identifying the relevant pictures with the tag "Collie". My sincere thanks to the Plex development team for smart tagging, and to you for your help with my support question!

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