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Plex server using external multi-bay hard drive tower

okkookko Posts: 168Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

Has anyone installed the Plex server on their Shield and attached a multi-bay hard drive tower to store and play media files successfully?

Want to make sure that it is doable. If so, do the individual drives show up separately like in Windows?



  • jakburnjakburn Posts: 2Members

    Hi okko,

    I have an Icybox jbod with four 8tb wd reds inside, connected to my 2017 shield tv with no problems.

    but you will have to root your shield using this guide: https://forum.xda-developers.com/shield-tv/general/guide-t3692061 if you want the shield to be usefull.



  • jakburnjakburn Posts: 2Members

    Just wanted to add, yes they show up as individual drives in the shield, and you can map to them in windows, but all the files have to go in the "NVIDIA_SHIELD" Folders if you want to do anything with them.


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