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Collections show up between my movies

SheperdOfFireSheperdOfFire Posts: 2Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

I have a Philips android TV with Plex on it. When I view my movies on this, movies and collections are both shown. Since Plex creates collections as well, a lot of collections just have one movie in it.
Because movies and collections are both shown, it just makes a very annoyingly long list.
Is there a way to show just movies? I know that on the top of the screen I can apply a filter, by default this is set to 'movies', the other option I have is 'collections'.

When it's set to 'collections', it just shows collections only. When I set it back to movies, movies and collections are shown.
How can I get a movies-only view?


  • tom80Htom80H Posts: 512Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    sure... use Plex Web, edit the settings of your movie library and change the collections option in the advanced settings to "deactivate" -- this way no collection will show up inline with your movies.

    as for your point on Plex automatically creating collections... this only happens if you configured it that way! double-check the following 2 configurations:
    1. agent settings (in general or for this library): do you have The Movie Database agent configured to download collection information? (checked Use collection info from The Movie Database)
    2. in Settings > Server > Agents > Movies check if you have the applicable agents configured to include embedded metadata... with this setting, Plex will include the "Album" tag from MP4/M4V files as "Collection"

  • jwsplexjwsplex Posts: 29Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    I just went to the web version of the app and added a '0 ' prefix to the "Sort Name" of each collection and that moved the collections to the top of my page without changing the names.

    I actually am finding I like the collections feature.

    (oh, and deleted any collection that was pointless because it only had 3 or fewer movies in them)

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