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Amazon Echo says "sorry, there was a problem", but the movie plays just fine.

brianvosko@gmail.combrianvosko@gmail.com Posts: 2Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

Hey guys, I've been searching the forum, and have not had any luck. I recently upgraded my home network to Ubiquiti Unifi.
I've got 2 lingering issues, both used to work - but I can't seem to get it ironed out with the Alexa Voice Control App.

  1. When I ask "Alexa, ask plex to play wonder woman on bedroom"

    • Alexa says "Sorry, there was a problem... ", but my movie begins and streams just fine. I thought it may be a port issue. The 38400 port is open. Remote access works perfectly. Are there additional ports that need to be opened? Plex skill and Alexa app are up to date. I am running plex server Version on a windows 10 machine. My Media is on a Freenas Server. I am streaming to an Nvidia Shield.
  2. There are movies in my library that plex does not recognize thru the voice app, even though they appear in my library and play just fine when I select them. Ie) "Alexa, ask plex to play Kill Bill, Volume 2 on bedroom."

  • Alexa says "I can't find that movie in your plex Library.

Please advise with any suggestions, as I am a long time Plex fan, and Love the App!



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