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No Image? SOLVED.

noisegate95noisegate95 Posts: 10Members ✭✭

Any ideas on what causes the Watch Later videos to have no image?


  • cybergrimescybergrimes Posts: 29Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    I've found if I add a YouTube video to Watch Later directly from YouTube there is no thumbnail but if I add a video from a site/blog that is embedded from YouTube it will have the thumbnail. I just tested with this Venom teaser trailer here: http://www.denofgeek.com/us/movies/venom/262951/venom-movie-trailer-is-here

  • noisegate95noisegate95 Posts: 10Members ✭✭

    I tried even that link and I still get the big YouTube logo rather than the image. I also noticed when I use the email address for Plexit "queue+random characters@save.plex.tv" I do not even get the logo. Wander if there is an agent or something that is misconfigured.

  • noisegate95noisegate95 Posts: 10Members ✭✭

    Had a bit more time to test this. Seems the culprit is uBlock Origin Chrome Plugin. Disabling that on the Youtube.com nad vimeo.com page allows the images to be retrieved. Seems I need to do some whitelisting.

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