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Sync downloads music library then hangs, re-downloads on app restart

GrizzlyViBritanniaGrizzlyViBritannia Posts: 3Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass


I'm trying to sync all Music on my Plex Media Server to my Pixel in original quality.

  • App: Android (bb34b27a)
  • Device: Google Pixel 32GB
  • Server: Windows

The symptoms

When it happens

  1. Install app
  2. Log in
  3. Navigate to server's music library
  4. Navigate to browse
  5. Press sync button
  6. Choose original quality from drop down
  7. Save
  8. Navigate to sync status
  9. Leave phone plugged in and on app until sync completes

What happens

  1. Sync rapidly approaches 50% completeness (possibly intentional)
  2. Sync then downloads the ~1200 songs, storage available maintains at 10GB from start to finish (my max)
  3. Sync hangs at updating information, phone gets hot
  4. Songs are at this point available and playable
  5. Sync will restart the entire download if the app crashes/is stopped, presumably a symptom of sync hanging at final step, despite all songs already being on device

What should happen

Sync completes updating information, library size deducted from available storage.
Sync doesn't re-download already downloaded library post hang and restart.

The results

See attached app and server logs.

The diagnosis

Over to yourselves if you wouldn't mind.


  • GrizzlyViBritanniaGrizzlyViBritannia Posts: 3Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    Does anybody have any suggestions, advice or past experiences to share? This is starting to cause me some grief.

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