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RasPlex - "Ambilight" with Hue bulbs?

timmkrausetimmkrause Posts: 4Members ✭✭
edited January 11 in Rasplex

Hi there,

I am sorry but I was not able to find something that matched a hundred percent.

Obviously I don't mean "real" Ambilight behind the TV, I want an add-on/extension/plugin that grabs the video signal, calculates an average color and adjusts the lights accordingly in real time.

Is there something available for Plex or RasPlex?

Thanks in advance!


  • rsvvuurenrsvvuuren Posts: 2Members

    Hi there,

    I have such a thing working. You need to use hyperion. It has build in support for philips hue. But i do not use philips hue anymore, because the bridge is to slow and the color was running like 3 seconds behind what was on the screen. Right now i use LIFX wifi lightbulbs.

    Good luck!

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