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Plexamp Release Notes

elanelan CTO and Co-founderMauiPosts: 9,785Members, Plex Employee, Plex Pass, Plex Ninja Plex Employee


We're thrilled to announce a new release of Plexamp with a bunch of updates and fixes. The music-loving late-night crew has been hard at work. In case you're wondering, the main priorities for us right now are:

  • Fixing things which are totally broken.
  • Giving configurability via config files to at least let people tweak settings (first make the impossible possible, then make the possible easy, right?)
  • Having fun! (Hence all the new visualizers)

Autoupdate inside the app, or visit the Plexamp site for direct downloads.

Feast your eyes on some of the new visualizers available in this release!



  • Fixed an issue playing music which hadn't been analyzed yet.
  • (Windows) Fixed F11 full-sizing the app.
  • Sped up the HTTP proxy, don't read ahead so much, should improve bandwidth usage.
  • Allow Plex Cloud servers from any region to work.
  • (Windows) Hopefully fixed the issue where notification images wouldn't change.
  • (macOS) Audio works on older versions of macOS.
  • Make the Lava Lamp visualizer more ghostly.
  • Increased the height of the gradient behind the control overlay for better visibility.
  • (Windows) Descenders on some letters appeared cut off in the player.
  • Show track artist over album artist in the play queue.
  • Remote servers running on port 443 could result in playback not displaying.
  • Poster art with a non-square aspect ratio would get cropped unevenly.
  • Lists of albums in a genre were missing header and back button.
  • Sometimes when changing visualizer and size settings, one wasn't properly saved.
  • Fixed connecting to servers with self-signed certs and SAN certs (many thanks to @kevin.burdett and @stedaniels for the help!)
  • (Windows) Reworked the system tray icon for better visibility.

instagram @elan // the wife's photography site.
the Medium page // the dog's twitter feed.


  • elanelan CTO and Co-founder MauiPosts: 9,785Members, Plex Employee, Plex Pass, Plex Ninja Plex Employee



    • Added new Rothko, Bloodstream visualizers.
    • Activation key combo just shows window; second press kicks off search.
    • Added a new "Show on All Desktops" option on macOS.


    • Fixed pluralization of album counts in artist lists.
    • Fixed some visualizers not working on some video cards.
    • Fixed crashes with audio devices with more than 8 channels.
    • Freaqy and Galaxy visualizers now run on GPU.
    • Updated to Electron 1.7.11 for security fixes.
    • Update visualizer better when switching between local and remote players.
    • Restart MPD properly if it crashes.
    • Fix streaming from Google Drive with Plex Cloud.
    • Improve visibility of play buttons against brighter backgrounds.

    instagram @elan // the wife's photography site.
    the Medium page // the dog's twitter feed.

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