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High background scanner CPU use on PMS 1.10 on Win 10?

MikeLeoneMikeLeone Posts: 83Members ✭✭

Running on Win 10 Pro, fully patched up to Jan 2018. I updated today to this version (I used to be on 1.8). Now, after doing a scan (for example, on a Music folder), I am seeing high background CPU use (52%+), process "Plex Media Scanner 32bit" . This only started happening after I upgraded Plex, which makes me suspect Plex.

Am I alone in seeing this behavior? All my libraries are on a Synology NAS on my local LAN, but I'm not seeing any other slowdowns or CPU usage, except by Plex. Before starting the scan, I was at 2-3% CPU; after, 52%+ (and the scan has finished).

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