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Is it possible to see the current TV show episode on my dashboard?

Hi there everybody.
So I am using my Diskstation as a Plex server for Movies and TV, and run the Player on Fire TV 3.

Is there any way to get the current TV show presented, when I open Plex on any device? Like when I am in the middle of a movie, Plex tells me to keep on watching right on the top of the front page.

But for example, lets say, I watch a TV Show, and I have just finished watching S05E09 and closed Plex after that. On my dashboard it would be great to get S05E10 presented the next time I open Plex.

So, my question is, if this is a function of Plex, that I am missing somehow, or for now it does not function like that.

It would be really great, since with a lot of TV series it can take some time to open up the current episode.

Thank you in advance!

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  • puiazahedi97puiazahedi97 Posts: 11Members ✭✭

    Thank you, OttoKerner!

    I now know where the problem is. As you said, the TV Library was not included on the dashboard. Now I know how to fix it.

    Although: There is one more "problem" in there. The Account I am using is a different one than the one, that is running on the PMS. My father's account is running on our PMS, and he does not like to have "Series" included on his dashboard. Since he shares all of his Libraries with my account, it is not included for me either.

    Is there a possibility to include it for me, but not for my father, who runs the Server? (Or for other libraries vice versa?)

    Thank you!

  • puiazahedi97puiazahedi97 Posts: 11Members ✭✭

    Thank you again,
    Okay, I checked, and I don't think the "Recently added" section will bother him, since we do not add TV regularly.
    It works fine now!
    We found an agreement. :)

    Thank you very much again and have a nice day!

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