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Stuck on "Buffering"

kaliniuskalinius Posts: 31Members ✭✭

My Xbox One app and media server are on the latest versions. My Xbox One console is plugged into my router via ethernet.

Typically around 10-20 minutes into playing a movie, it will pause and say "Buffering" on the screen with the spinning circle. It never resumes playback and I have to back out and resume playing. This happens with every movie/ file.

Overall, the app is better than it was before but I still can't watch movies from beginning to end like I can on every other device I own (iOS/ Roku/ Android).

Anyone know of a fix? I have tried disabling "Allow Direct Play" and the issue persists.


  • tonycipps@gmail.comtonycipps@gmail.com Posts: 16Members ✭✭

    Mine does the exact same. It’s terribly annoying. Would love to know a fix

  • JeffWScottJeffWScott Posts: 78Members ✭✭

    Try emby. It's the same as plex but all my movies no longer buffer.

    I may go back to plex when all of this is fixed, but in the meantime it may fit your need.

  • opothopoth Posts: 48Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    My server is wired and XB1 is wireless.

    Oddly, enabling (rather than disabling) Allow direct play seemed to help with this most recent build. The last couple of 1080p HEVC files I've watched worked fine, playing those in the past has reliably triggered that behavior since the rewrite.

    I've also bumped up Transcoder default throttle buffer in the server settings from the default value, at someone else's suggestion.

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