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embedded subtitles not displaying in Plex for Kodi

mwplex2300mwplex2300 Posts: 10Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

Hi all--
I've never been able to get embedded subtitles to work in PfK, both with Kodi 17.5, PfK 0.1.3, as well as the beta Kodi 18.0-Alpha1 and PfK 0.1.4a1 . This is on an AFTV ARMv7 box, with PMS

I have several videos that use either SRT or ASS subtitling and I can never get those subtitles to display on PfK. I also have media with the "sidecar" .srt files, and these are not working with PfK. And yet all these same media files play with subtitles properly displaying on the web browser player, or even my Android player (a Dell 8 Venue tablet).

Can anyone recommend troubleshooting/settings to check? I feel like I've tried everything. thanks!


  • DeCraicWas90DeCraicWas90 Posts: 1Members

    Same problem here. Can't get any subtitles to work with kodi. Any way to fix this?

    They show up in the dropdown as available but won't show on screen.

  • lepitismaklepitismak Posts: 147Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    use mkvtoolnix to embedded subtitles

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