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Strength of NAS server required - Plex

NoochieboochiesNoochieboochies Posts: 2Members

Hi all,

I am considering buying a decent NAS server, in order to store my data on it for streaming purposes, via my NAS device, wirelessly (via wi-fi network) to my TV, which will have the plex app. I am in no way a computer expert. I was initially looking at the Asustor 1004-T NAS drive, a nice entry-level drive for a guy like me.

I then read up on the compatibility list on the Plex site and it seems that on this device I am looking at you can get audio and low-grade video streaming AT BEST. I then checked the list and it seems like the only way you could stream HD 1080 quality video is if you spend $1,000+ buying a high-end NAS server device that you probably need an IT degree to operate in any case.

Is this really the case? Is anyone using the lower end Asustor devices such as the 1002 and 1004 for plex streaming (as I am intending to) and is it working?

Are there alternatives, like, if I somehow plugged the NAS directly into my HD TV via USB and ran it off the network?

Will stress that I am not an IT expert - but I know how to use google :-)


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  • NoochieboochiesNoochieboochies Posts: 2Members

    @nokdim said:
    The strength of the NAS is only an issue if your client i.e. your TV can't direct stream the video file.

    wifi will be your biggest challenge as it may cause transcoding.

    You can play 1080 off of the smallest NAS with little CPU as long as no transcoding is required.

    What do your media files look like and what kind of TV is this?

    Thanks for the help - much appreciated.

    So if I am direct streaming to my TV via wi-fi, the strength of the NAS drive I use is irrelevant? I obviously just have to make sure that I have a really good wi-fi hub or that I jack the drive directly into my TV.

    What does transcoding mean? (Sorry, I did mention that I am technologically impaired)

  • spikemixturespikemixture Posts: 1,566Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    You are best to skip WIFI completely
    Get wifi out of the setup b4 you start worrying about transcoding.

    Plex related : NAS Qnap TVS-1282, (Plex server & main storage) Synology 1817+ (backup Plex server & backup storage), 2x NUC (Skull i7 , i5), Drobo 5N and 2 Nvidia Shield Pros (backup Plex servers)(2017 and 2015)
    Client hardware used or using - Shield 2015 pro and 2017 pro, ATV4, Xbox 360 and one, Fire stick and TV, windows PMP, Raspberry PI, Roku Stick, 3 and 4 plus several Android Phones and Tablets.

    I give MY opinion from MY experience!

    So much importance is put on the processing power of your PMS box.
    I say equal or more should be put on correctly formatting and optimizing your media !

  • nokdimnokdim Posts: 1,375Members, Plex Pass, Plex Ninja, TunerTester Plex Ninja

    transcoding is changing the format of the video.

    a video is just a bunch of pictures (29 per second) put together like those cute animated flip books you made in school -

    When something is transcoded each picture needs to get redrawn and those flip books take forever to draw by hand and computers are faster but still for a 30 minute show (29 frames per second times 60 seconds times 30 minutes) is 52,200 frames that the computer needs to redraw and the higher the definition of the video the worse this is so 1080 HD content or 4K can bring systems to their knees.

    That is transcoding and just having wifi can cause the system to transcode due to insufficient bandwidth which can be a terrible experience for the end user and depending on your server speed could result in an error saying "Your system is not powerful enough" and no video to display at all.

    I would even suggest Power Line instead of Wifi if you cant use a hardwired connection.

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