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Minimum requirements for a Linux Mini PC running Plex Media Server fluidly

ZoffZoff Posts: 8Members ✭✭

I'm looking for hardware requirements to build a "cheap" home PC able to fluidly run a Plex Media Server.
I need to stream typically a single stream 4K x265, occasionally 2 (probably not both 4K but 1080p).
My Samsung TV (Tizen) currently supports x265/HVEC streaming so transcoding isn't mandatory but it would probably be useful in the near future.

I'm temporarily using a RaspberryPi2 with OSMC but it is definitely limited, navigating menus, changing audio/subtitles and moving forward/backward is very slow and it often crashes or makes subtitles out of sync.

I would prefer an Intel processor (no Arm), what hardware would you suggest?
An Intel Atom x5-Z8350 or an Intel Celeron N4200 could be enough or it could be need something more powerful like an intel i3/i5? In case, which generation you suggest?

Thanks in advance to all who will help.

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