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Screensaver stopped showing Library Art now only shows grey screen

hispeed2ghispeed2g Posts: 6Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

I am new to OPenPHT and recently purchased an Odroid C2 to get better performance than my Roku Ultra. I installed OpenPHT, everything ran great for about a week. I am connecting to my local PMS server via gigabit lan. A few days ago the screensaver that used to show Lifbrary Art/Fan Art stopped and is only showing a blank grey screen. I am running the default skin for OPENPHT and looked through all settings. I tried other screensavers and set it back to the Library Art with same results. I then reset the PHT to factory and started over. Library art displayed for one day and reverted to blank grey screen again. I am on the latest PMS server version. I also have the pre-caching set to the highest setting. Has anyone seen this or have any ideas as to why it isn't displaying the Fan Art?


  • lukecrolukecro Posts: 71Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    I don’t suppose you have a second Plex Server running on another machine? I once ran into an issue where OpenPHT wasn’t showing any screensaver art (just a gray/black screen) for days at a time... Then I realized that at some point I’d actually set up two instances of PMS (one PMS on my Mac Mini where I had it set to scan all my media content; and one on my iMac, which wasn’t set to scan for anything; both connected to the same Plex account)... What I eventually realized was that OpenPHT must’ve been cycling between the two Plex Servers for library art; when it hit the unused PMS it’d stick me in a cycle of getting a blank screen as the screen saver... After I shut down the unused PMS, everything went back to normal.

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