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Howto remove one movie catalog

paalfpaalf Posts: 2Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass


Yesterday I installed Plex Media Server version on an Netgear Readynas 524.

Plex started to syncronize my movies, and all was okey

The NAS with Plex and my Windows 10 PC are in my private LAN at my home.

Today I could not log in to the server with http://server-ip-address:32400/web from my PC.

I found after using google some answers, and after a while i could use this:

I had to find the installed apps on the NAS, and using my PC and using CMD:

net use Z: \server-ip-address\data /user:admin admin-password

With windows explorer I could go inn til Z: station and see the apps, among them Plexmediaserver

In this link I found the answer:


(thanks to 118killbill@gmail.com)

These file have to be removed or renamed: plexmediaserver.pid and Preferences.xml

The files can be found in : Z:.apps\plexmediaserver\MediaLibrary\Plex Media Server

When I hade removed them, I could log in to Plex Media Server.

My question now is:

Plex started to syncronize and now I have two Movie catalogs, it seems to that Plex have the older one and also the new one.

How can I delete the old Movie catalog?

Regards PaalF


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