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Is the WD PR4100 4K Video capable?

talsudairytalsudairy Posts: 11Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

Hi, I wanted to know from users who are running Plex on the WD PR4100 have you tried adding 4K UHD on plex and is it running smoothly?
The reason for my question is I recently upgraded my PR4100's RAM to 16GB and the storage to 24TB from the original 2GB RAM and 8TB storage, I've been experiencing a lot of buffering when playing HD videos on ly local home network i.e. apple TV 4K any 1080P and above and especially .mkv files that where ripped from my Blu-ray disks Like Anime that include the dual language and subtitles, after the upgrade I ripped some UDH Blu-ray movies like Batman v Superman which was about 80GB in size when I tried playing it on plex to see the quality, but the file never played it was bufffring to the piont where I got a mesage that the server is not accsesable or not fast enough to play the video.

so any help or setting suggestions would be appreciated in this matter.



  • talsudairytalsudairy Posts: 11Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    One more thing I forgot to add some time I cant play the video when I fast-forward to the point sometimes I restart my Apple TV for it to work and sometimes I have to turn off Plex on the server then back on to have it working properly,
    and one final question about the "Transcoder temporary directory" it is empty whats the best and correct path to add there

    and is there any tips or tricks to make the plex video streaming faster

    Thanks and sorry for the long question.

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