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QNAP Media streamer streams 4K with subs flawlessly while Plex dies.. ?

MorphyMorphy Posts: 194Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

Dear Plexies.

Can anyone please explain to me why the same file im playing works flawlessly on Qnaps media stream addon:

With subtitles 4K HDR .. without any hassle.

I have a Samsung QLED 65" Curved from 2017.

Also have Plex on my NAS and TV. Plex can play the file without subs.. but as soon I add subtitles (.srt) , the movies start to lag and .. well .. movie ends :)

How come that Plex cant do what a simple addon can do for QNAP? Its just DNLA streaming. If I enable DNLA for the PMS . It dont work at all.

How can I get PMS to work with 4K HDR , just like the QNAP media streamer?

Any ideas?



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