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How do you remap CEC remote buttons?

Grant EGrant E Posts: 13Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

I'm running the Plex plugin for Kodi on an up-to-day version of OSMC
on a Raspberry Pi 3B.

It's connected to an LG TV with CEC (aka "simplink") enabled, and
enough of the TV remote buttons work to make it fairly
usable. However, I'd like to remap a couple of the buttons.

Specifically, I'd like "right-arrow" to skip forward 30s, and
"left-arrow" to skip back 5s.

By "skip" I mean jump forward/backward and start playing without
requiring additional user-action.

The current behavior of left/right is to pop up the timeline and move
the dot 10s forward or backward and then do nothing unless you press
OK before the timeline goes away. I don't want to have to press OK.

The sort of skip I want appears to be supported, since the on-screen
"playback controls" that popup have buttons that do that when you
click the curled left/right arrows.

So, how do you remap CEC remote buttons on Plex for Kodi?

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