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Running Plex on Ubuntu Server 16.04 and Plex Server status is indirect

digitalbotsdigitalbots Posts: 10Members, Plex Pass ✭✭

Hello All,

I am not sure if this is the right place to ask this question but here I go.

Here is how I came to where I am now. I had an OpenMediaVault machine that hosted plex. The Plex app stopped working because it was conflicting with the WebGUI Config panel of the OpenMediaVault. So I uninstalled Plex from that machine and it is no longer running on that box.

I then installed Plex Server on my Standalone (meaning the only plex is on this box and nothing else) Ubuntu 16.04 server.

Since I did this EVERY device shows the plex server is "indirect". While before the OMV Plex app died I had a direct connection.

I have not made any changes to my network from the uninstall from OVM to the install on the new Ubuntu box.

I then did some digging on forms and saw that DNSMasq needs to be disabled on my router. So I did that and rebooted the router. Still says indirect.

On the plex server, i disabled "Secure connections". It still says indirect.

I wish I knew what version was on my old OMV server as that I am sure that would help the troubleshooting but as per I keep getting "indirect"

Now to be clear I can get to the box via the Plex app on all of my devices but the quality is low.

Currently, my network looks like this

Router - -> DHCP Server - -> Media files are on - -> and Plex is - -> All devices

any direction would be helpful, thanks in advanced.

Best Answer

  • digitalbotsdigitalbots Posts: 10Members, Plex Pass ✭✭
    Accepted Answer

    ok gave it a shot. I moved everybody to the 192.168.11.x network. SO now it is.
    Router - -> DHCP Server - -> Media files are on - -> and Plex is - -> All devices

    On all cabled devices Plex says "nearby". But any wifi devices it says it is "indirect".

    I checked the ip's of a wifi device and its ip is with a subnetmask of

    This is strange because like i said before I didnt change anything else on the network so I am not sure why everything started acting up.

    So I went to my "work log" to see I changed the MTU on my router 3 days before i did any work on the plex. I changed the MTU back to 1500 now all Wifi and wired devices worked.

    Thanks again for your help. This was a odd one but I am glad you knew what to do!


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