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Netgear plex server

ae6dxae6dx Posts: 1Members

If I enable Plex on my Netgear X10 can I only access files on the drive attached to the router? Or can I have it also include folders on my Mac?


  • matterpromatterpro Posts: 76Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    I'm not sure about the X10 as a server specifically, but in general the Plex server can use any drive that is network accessible and ALWAYS has the same network name. I did this for a while with the Shield.

    If your mac is always ON and shared drive is always CONNECTED to the network, it's reasonable to assume you can share the drive. Read/write speeds are something to consider, however.

    Again, not sure about the X10, so someone else who actually has one should chime in.

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