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My Echo Dot keeps saying "Your Plex server does appear to be online" and "cannot find servers"

I have already linked and unlinked my Echo Dot with the Alexa Skill. I tell Alexa to Open Plex but it only says "Your Plex server does appear to be online" and when I tell it to try another server, it replies, "I could not find any available servers." I have enabled remote access. Can anybody help?


  • randy129randy129 Posts: 2Members

    This just started for me after the PMS update to

  • randy129randy129 Posts: 2Members

    I upgraded firmware on the NAS, disabled and then re-enabled the Alexa skill and it's working now.

  • g3logicg3logic Posts: 1Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    Same here. It was working yesterday and then for no apparent reason, its just not working today. My Plex server is functioning fine through my LAN, or outside of my LAN via my iPhone. In fact, everything but Alexa can access my media. REALLY disappointed with this feature... especially after watching the video with Scott Olechowski promoting this. Works sometimes and doesn't other times. Have disabled and re-enabled the skill countless times. As a Plex-Pass member, not very happy at all.

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