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Processor requirement

bhootzbhootz Members Posts: 20 ✭✭

Hello, let me start off by saying FreeNAS and Rasplex (rpi3) are match made in heaven. Apart from (maybe) 5 seconds of green screen during dark parts of a movie/show encoded in x265 (compressed) I have not found even one problem and I have to thank the plex team for that. When people tell me they have issues with 1080p x265 I really couldn’t understand why I was blessed with none and then I realised it’s probably my CPU. A Xeon 2609v3. My system was put together in March of 2015 and I’m still in love with it.
I have a few scripts running and I notice 1 core in particular touching about 65C while others (5 cores) are 60 with two (direct/remote) streams running simultaneously and the cpu fan screaming. Once the streaming stops the fan/cpu temps normalise. Even at idle the same core is hotter than the rest.
With 4K tvs now becoming affordable I’m planning a systematic upgrade and will re rip my Blu-ray collection. The player isn’t finalised yet but I prefer the small form factor sbc tucked behind the tv. I prefer my FreeNAS box transcoding the file and the transcoding setting is in “auto” does me well for now. For the 4K stream (possibly 2 or more and a mix of remote/local) will I need to upgrade my cpu? If yes, how should I go looking for one? I wouldn’t want to spend thousands just for bleeding edge, just want something sufficiently future proof and capable.
Also would need suggestions for sbc while running 1080p/4K h264 and x265 video files. I generally rip them to mkv/mp4 using different softwares and I will probably have a mixed bag of formats and containers in the future as well.
Thanks a lot in advance.

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