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WD Mycloud, Macbook Pro and Plex Channel on Roku Ultra

rroscoe@roscoeent.comrroscoe@roscoeent.com Posts: 1Members

I am hoping someone can provide some hints, suggestions and guidance for me? Up until last week, I had been using an Amazon Firestick to play my movies that were loaded on my WD Mycloud. I was using the Archos Video Player. I switched to Roku Ultra because the Firestick was having issues playing 1080p files. With the Roku, currently I am using the Roku Media Player, which works fine but the UI is horrid. Plex looks like it will solve that problem, but I am having issues getting it set up.
Here is the equipment I am using:
Macbook Pro
WD MyCloud 4tb (plex server cannot be loaded on it)
Roku Ultra
I am not sure how to get the plex server to point to the WD Mycloud so it can see the movies?
Any help is greatly appreciated.

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