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Preference of local/remote trailers

Can we prefer local trailers, named according to the naming convention of Plex Local Assets with the same filename as the movie file with "-trailer" added in the end, over the remote YouTube trailer. The Plex web app also uses local trailers under the Trailer button. Since on a regular basis a YouTube trailer is not found. The local asset is shown in the bottom of the PlexConnect screen under "Extras". But the Trailer button still points to YouTube action which cannot find the trailer.

Even nicer would be to have a setting to always prefer local trailers over YouTube trailers or visa versa, or even use Youtube trailers or Local trailers only.

Another great advantage of that is when you're completely offline. You can still watch local trailers!


  • moody_bluemoody_blue Posts: 3,221Members, Plex Pass, Plex Ninja Plex Ninja
    edited February 24

    Reopened #522 in Github.

    I have doubts that we should maintain the trailers button in PlexConnect. It was created before PMS had such functionality, but today it probably does not make sense. But I would like to have the opinion of others.

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  • darwineldarwinel Posts: 11Members ✭✭

    I use this button constantly when selecting a movie. I mainly use Plex on my tv using PlexConnect (till I buy a new AppleTV and use the native app) so I have to say this button is pretty handy. Except for the movies where the trailer can't be found (even if there is one as a local asset available).

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