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Unable to watch Live TV when play smaller videos at original quality is disabled.

SwatkatsSwatkats Posts: 49Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

When I turn off “Play smaller videos at original quality” none of my Live TV streams will play. I get an error message saying “An error occurred while attempting to play this video. Please try restarting both the Plex Media Server and this app.”. I have attached the logs.


  • ElWigElWig Posts: 11Members ✭✭

    I get the same error message but its when trying to play any videos with “Play smaller videos at original quality” is turned off. These same viseos will play with that option turned on. So if I turn “Play smaller videos at original quality” on and hit play the video starts and plays but with regular pauses. If I turn it off and try playing the same video again, or play any other video in my library then I get the error message that Swatkats mentions above. This is on a 2nd gen firestick and I've just recently updated my Plex server to whatever the current version is. I don't have the logs but the error message window says the same thing. Is there a fix for this issue? From Swatkats logs its and NPE.

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