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Subtitle display speed problems.

DevilDanDevilDan Posts: 15Members ✭✭

Hello and sorry for this English translated from French by DEEPL.

I have the latest version of Plex Server available on Debian. I'm trying to watch English series with English subtitles to learn English right now. I'm still casting my TV shows. The problem is this:

When castering, subtitles appear at a completely random speed, a sentence can appear for one second and disappear. It is sometimes legible, and sometimes illegible... It's very hard to follow the series, and when I don't caste it's perfect... I am saddened by this situation, which does not allow me to enjoy plex by casting my subtitled series. It is about:

DR HOUSE in x265, in MKV, you can choose the subtitles you want, this must be integrated in the MKV.

I will test tomorrow on a Chromecast 2 (round) because I am currently testing on a chromecast 1.

If I don't cast, the subtitles are well present all the time, I have time to read them, everything is perfect, while casting the series it becomes a real disaster... Is it a bug? Or related to MKV? or x265? or really chromecast?


  • DevilDanDevilDan Posts: 15Members ✭✭

    Hello, i had check, with the chromecast 2, there is no problem. The problem is really the chromecast 1, the oldest chromecast. Thank you

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