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Audio output auto switch stopped working.

I have been searching for an answer to this question with no luck. When I switch between Dolby digital and DTS sourround, my tv reverts to pcm. I have read that this is a common issues, however it used to work. Over the summer I would repeatedly switch back and forth with no issue. I have not used the tv app in a while because I was using the pc version which supports Dolby atmos. Was there a tv firmware, or Plex update that disabled the feature. I know how to switch it manually through the tv menu, but the auto feature was confident. Checked all settings. Plex audio mode set to auto. Although changing this setting to allow only pcm,dts or dd have no effect. It always sends the native format of the file to my receiver. Update all software on tv. Even did a factory reset of tv with no luck. Am I missing something???

Tv Samsung un60ju7090. Latest firmware and Plex app. Surround sound denon avr-x6300h. Firmware up to date.


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    Thanks for the info

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