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OpenPHT - how to input pin number & choose user, with a mouse

brad.davidson@bekkers.com.aubrad.davidson@bekkers.com.au Posts: 12Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

Hi Guys, I use openPHT for a raft of reasons (not least of which is PMP in full screen mode is far too basic and frustrating UI) ... openPHT works well with the mouse support, and looks identical to the RasPlex that runs on the kids TV too.

The issue is, since I have turned on different users (one of which has a PIN) ... i found the mouse has no effect when trying to click on the on screen number pad. We are forced to go find the keyboard (I truly don't understand how anyone thinks the mouse is not king in home theatre UI driving - has been since the XBMC and KODI days , but i digress).

Is anyone aware of a fix for this? It's an issue because now we are forced to either use a keyboard, or ditch OpenPHT and use PMP (mouse works fine in that)

The clicking does work, but only by selecting the numeric 1, and requires a double click each time.

Also, its impossible to choose the second or third user account presented on the logon screen.


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