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"Throw" music from Plex Server to Kodi (Plex Addon) using Plex on Android as a remote control

Juergen@gen8Juergen@gen8 Posts: 15Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

Ladies and gentlemen,

i have the following setup.

All music stored on a server runnig version

As a playback device i put a RasPi on my HiFi-Amplifier running LibreElec (Kodi) version 8.2.3 with PlexAddon 0.1.3 and a HifiBerry DAC+.
No video should be streamed (i use my Amazo Fire Box for this). Only pure music.

My idea was, to use my mobile phone (Android) with Plex Client as a kind of remote control to select music and "throw" it to the RasPi.
So, the RasPi schould be the playback device.

But i'm confused completly.

First: If i power up my RasPi, Plex is not running automatically. I have to start it manually which is not possible as it runs headless without monitor.
Second: Even if i connect a monitor, keyboard and mouse and start Plex manually, i get "play back errors".

So, is this idea possible? Any hints where i have to look at?

Thanks and best regards


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