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Cromecast make video shuttering when 50hz video

KHVej8KHVej8 Posts: 15Validating, Plex Pass Plex Pass

Have the problem that when casting video in 1080p, 50Hz, then is shutters. This does not happen when I use 25Hz video or when using 720p (both 25HZ and 50HZ works).

The easy solution will be to "force the PLEX server to transcode the videos to 25Hz", however im not sure how to do this.

Right now I converte the video from my new camera before uploading to my plex server, however is a litte in-flexible.

Anybody knows if I can force the PLEX server to transcode 50Hz videos when casted to chromecast devices? Or have any other easy solutions.

I know chromecast have got a new device called ultra, however I have 4 already and do not whant to use the money to change all of them.


  • KHVej8KHVej8 Posts: 15Validating, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    Somebody with the knowledge about how to change the chromecast.xml file? I'm pretty sure it is a simple additional setting in this file. Like it states "max width 1920", I quess there is a command for max framerate.

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