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FreeNAS: problems with music files

MindaugasPMindaugasP Members, Plex Pass Posts: 13 Plex Pass

Hello. for few days I was reading all possible info that i could find, but still cannot solve my problems.

The setup:
I run Plex server (v on FreeNAS (v 11.1).
No problems with movies or other video
But music files is completely different matter.
I have a Premium Flex Pass, but i understood, that for FreeBSD or FreeNAS it does not work really.

Problem 1: Embedded album artwork is not displayed by Plex
I had followed all the steps:
a. setup -> servers -> agents -> local media assets
b. edit library -> advanced -> use embedded tags
c. wiped out my library and did that "plex dance" wiping out trash bin and doing other steps
d. making visible system files and deleting them (although most of them were exactly the album covers i would like to see)
e. adding folder.jpg or cover.jpg with desired album art.

None of these steps or their combinations worked. For more recent albums of pop music, the covers from Last.fm are displayed, and all other (i have lots of jazz, some classical) - in best case only a random photo of the artist is displayed instead of the album art.

Problem 2: Multiple Artists for the same album
Is there any separator allowing to mark properly two artists for Album Artist tag?
For example: Ella Fitzgerald and Count Basie.
They have made together several albums. But i would like them to show both under Ella and under Count.
Instead, Plex creates new artist "Ella Fitzgerald/Count Basie"

Such pairs in jazz are almost everyday thing, so it is really annoying.

Problem 3: No support for FreeBSD (FreeNAS) regarding premium music features
I read already that this problem originates from Gracenote and not from Plex.
It seems that there is more and more people complaining about that
Anybody heard about future plans of support?

Thank you for reading this long post.


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