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Fire TV - no subtitles?

steved424steved424 Posts: 19Members ✭✭

Anyone had problems with completely missing subtitles on Fire TV (recently)? Was watching an iPlayer download with external SRT last night, flipped subtitles on, nothing showed. Was fine on Plex Web and Android tablet.Will check version later on this evening when it's actually warm enough to go into the living room (not joking, UK having 'a bit of a cold snap' right now)


  • JuiceWSAJuiceWSA Posts: 7,472Members ✭✭✭✭✭

    Maybe it's designed to work better under sub-zero conditions... better layer up and go check it out.

    Gather the family around the blazing coffee table and enjoy....


  • JOJOFACEJOJOFACE Posts: 2Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    Experiencing this as well - subtitles simply don't show on my FireTV. My living room is toasty warm, too, so I think we can rule that out!

  • steved424steved424 Posts: 19Members ✭✭

    Well, got the log burner going the night after and the subtitles were fine. Weird. Now to find out with the AFTV is the only Plex client that won't "forget" an old IP address for the server that I disabled weeks ago...

  • greentrancergreentrancer Posts: 26Members ✭✭
    edited March 5

    I have problems with the subtitles on the Fire TV as well, have a look here.

    How is the subtitle named? Does it end with '.eng'?

  • VuokkoVuokko Posts: 7Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    @steved424 @greentrancer @JOJOFACE I got it working on my setup again. I was using Optimized versions for some of my episodes and those all failed to show subtitles. Removing the optimized versions and letting Plex transcode when I'm playing the files fixed it for me.

  • erlebcerlebc Posts: 16Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    AFTV problem with subtitles also. I normally add them (VOBSUB) as a default when ripping via Handbrake into an MKV container. With ROKU PLEX player, no problem. They can be turned on / off and will stay on or off. However, with AFTV (not my favorite) the subtitles will often start, but then you'll notice that they'll disappear after a few minutes. Sometimes you can stop the show, and get them back, but often PLEX will crash at that point and recover, or I've even seen AFTV itself crash. I bought the flagship player and have it connected to my server via Ethernet.
    As an aside, the navigation (mostly backing out to previous level / screen) either takes 10 seconds or longer, or it does not work at all with PLEX in AFTV. Wondering if this is standard behavior with this device and PLEX? I'm a spoiled ROKU user where there is nary a problem.
    Only using AFTV because there are no good viable IPTV solutions for playing M3U streams on ROKU, even with PLEX.....

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